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Sufia Memorial Hospital

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It was founded by Mrs. Rihana Khatun and Dr. Mohammed Muntazir . It has set milestones in the healthcare Industry for over 15 years. The hospitals are intrinsically bound by three integrated philosophies — Clinical Excellence,Ethical Conduct and Patient Centricity.

These operating philosophies have been pivotal in making the hospitals grow and serve people who are in need of quality healthcare.

  • Qualified Doctors

    Doctors over here are highly qualfied.


    We handle emergency cases with the help of expert hand's care.


    Always helping you with free counseling.


    Online appointment booking system is going to start very soon.

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  • 16 Specialist Doctors
  • 2000 Happy Patients
  • 30 Rooms With Beds
  • 13 Awards Winnings

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